Queen Elizabeth-II: Late Queen Elizabeth’s coffin removed from Balmoral Castle, Funeral to be held on 19

Queen Elizabeth Death:

The funeral of the late Queen Elizabeth will be held on 19 September. Today on Sunday, her coffin has come out of Balmoral Castle. It will reach the capital of Scotland after traveling for 6 hours.

Queen Elizabeth Death
Queen Elizabeth:

Queen Elizbeth-II Funeral:

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth passed away on Thursday. Since the news of her death, there has been an atmosphere of mourning in the whole of Britain. A day’s state mourning was observed in India paying tribute to Elizabeth. At the same time, the body of Queen Elizabeth II is being taken from Balmoral Castle to Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland.

A chariot carrying the coffin of the late Queen Elizabeth II leaves Balmoral Castle on Sunday. The coffin of the late Queen will take a six-hour road trip to Edinburgh. She will be cremated with state honors on September 19.

The official 10-day mourning period will end after Queen Elizabeth’s death on 19 September. The funeral will take place at 11 am at Westminster Abbey. There will be a bank holiday on the day of the funeral. King Charles III confirmed a public holiday during his first meeting with the Privy Council at St. James’s Palace.

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King Charles III Becomes Britain’s New Monarch

King Charles III was declared the new monarch of Britain. Maharaja Charles III said on Saturday that he understands deeply about his great legacy and the duties and enormous responsibilities of sovereignty. Will strive to follow the inspiring example of his mother, the late Queen Elizabeth II. In his proclamation at St James’s Palace, he paid tribute to his mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

‘My Mother’s reign was full of dedication

Britain’s new king said, “My mother’s reign was incomparable with dedication. Whenever we mourn, we give thanks for this most faithful life. The dedication with which the Queen herself worked God give me constitutional principles.” Give us the power to maintain it in the interest of our nation.”

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