NASA’s Artemis 1 mission : The effort was in vain, NASA’s Artemis 1 mission could not be launched, know why this happened

NASA’s Artemis 1 Mission:

NASA Moon Mission: NASA’s ambitious Chandrayaan mission could not be launched due to oil leak in the rocket just before launch. Its launch has been postponed for the time being due to an oil leak in the rocket just before the countdown.

This is happening for the second time that this NASA mission could not be launched due to technical reasons. On Monday last week, when the launching team started filling oil in this 98 meter long rocket, at that time there was some problem in the sensor of the rocket’s engine and oil was leaking from the rocket.

NASA’s Artemis 1 Mission:

Why was the rocket not launched in the first place?

According to the report of the news agency AP, on Saturday 3 September, due to the over pressure alarm while loading fuel in the rocket, the launching team had to stop its activities. The investigation team checked the system and did not find any damage and started its launching activity.

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But after a few minutes, the hydrogen fuel being put in the rocket started leaking from the engine, after this incident NASA stopped its operation with immediate effect. Engineers were engaged in fixing the glitch till about two hours before the launch, but then they postponed the second launch of this mission due to security reasons.

What is NASA’s Artemis 1 mission?

The Artemis I mission is associated with NASA’s ambitious plan to send humans to the Moon and Mars. The primary goal of Artemis I is to collect important information about deep space before sending humans to space so that Artemis 2 and Artemis 3 can send humans to the moon and Mars.

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