How to make a balanced diet?

Balanced Diet Lifestyle

Use as little ghee and other fats as possible. Use pure mustard oil instead of ghee for cooking.
Salt should not be used more than 3 to 5 grams daily. It is better to stop eating by adding salt.

Having greens in the morning and evening meals is very beneficial. Fruits should be eaten at least once a day.

  • In the evening meal, it is better to have 2-3 dry wheat bread and seasonal vegetables. Dinner should be eaten by 8 o’clock. It is better to eat only one spoonful of rice in the morning. But the amount of food is not the same for everyone. Those who do a lot of physical work should eat more, and those who do less work should eat less. Don’t do too much work. Don’t go to bed immediately after dinner. The amount of sleep should be at least 1-2 hours later.

  • Vegetarian food is beneficial for heart disease. But there is no harm in eating fish and meat in a controlled manner. The meat of Khasi, rango, and bangur raises cholesterol. Increases fish and poultry meat less. Cooking fish and poultry without grinding is not harmful. It is better to use fish and meat only in the morning and in the afternoon. Not eating fish and meat in the evening is beneficial for health.

  • High fiber food benefits the heart. The main sources of fiber in food are wheat, nuts, and green vegetables. It is even more beneficial to eat sprouted nuts. millet, barley, maize, etc. also benefit the heart.

  • Gundruk, Ato, Phapar’s bread, Kodo’s bread, Kurilo’s soup, Koirala’s pickle, Banana’s pickle, Niuri’s vegetable, Louka’s vegetable, Bitter gourd’s pickle, Roasted corn, Soybean, Chana Karau, Date Okhar, etc. are very useful for the heart. Is considered.

  • For a healthy heart, it is advisable to eat slowly but often. It is a very dangerous habit for the heart to eat two meals a day, but to eat on an empty stomach, and sleep while eating.

  • The lower the amount of cholesterol in the food, the less damage is done to the heart.
  • It is beneficial to eat one pot of raw garlic daily in the evening meal. It lowers blood cholesterol and also thins the blood like aspirin.

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