How do get the calcium needed by the body?

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Milk and milk products are major sources of calcium. Calcium strengthens the muscles of the body and also strengthens the bones. That said, those who don’t like milk don’t have to worry about how to get calcium. Our body does not have to depend on milk to get the calcium it needs. These foods are useful for getting calcium.

  • Sesame: Sesame used in pickles is a fortifying food item. It is rich in calcium. One ounce of sesame contains 277 mg of calcium.

  • Sprouted soybeans: We eat boiled and fried soybeans. In various cultural festivals, it is customary to make soybean sprouts soaked in lentils and eat them. Sprouted soybeans are also rich in calcium. Half a cup of sprouted soybeans contains 230 mg of calcium.

  • Salmon: We all know that fish contains calcium. However, salmon contains more calcium than others. One salmon contains 212 mg of calcium.

  • Cucumber, Cabbage: Green Crab, Cabbage is also a vegetable rich in calcium. Doctors say that it contains more calcium when eaten as a juice than as a vegetable. One cup of liquid contains 188 mg of calcium.

  • Almonds: Almonds are one of the most nutritious foods. It is rich in both minerals and calcium. A handful of peanuts contains 72 mg of calcium.

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