Air Accident in Nepal -Twenty-two people were Dead

A complete investigation of the Tara Air accident within 3 months in Nepal.

Twenty-two people were killed when a Tara Air plane crashed in Mustang’s Thasang in Nepal. Nineteen passengers and three crew members were killed in the crash. The bodies of all those killed in the accident have been brought to Kathmandu & a postmortem is underway. The Ministry of Tourism has also formed a five-member investigation committee to investigate the accident.

tara air plane crash

The government has formed a committee under the chairmanship of senior aeronautical engineer Ratish Chandra Lal Suman with Captain Dipuraj Jwarchan, senior maintenance engineer Upendra Lal Shrestha, senior meteorologist Maniratna Shakya and member secretary of the tourism ministry Wuddhisagar Lamichhane to find out the cause of the Tara Air accident.

According to Wuddhisagar Lamichhane, member secretary of the investigation committee, the committee has already started its work. The committee will submit a report including the cause of the accident and prevention measures, including the condition of the accident, the crew’s condition, the conversation with the roof, the weather conditions, the conversation in the black box, etc.

According to Member Secretary Lamichhane, the committee will work as soon as possible & they will submit a report within three months. He said, “Such small internal plane crashes take about three months. We will also work to report within three months. But it may take more time to bring in experts from even abroad. Otherwise, we will work to report within three months.

There is a legal provision that the family of each person who dies in a domestic plane crash will receive 20,000 US dollars per person. According to the spokesperson of the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal, Dev Chandra Lal Karna, the family of each citizen who lost his life in a domestic plane crash will get 20,000 US dollars per person. As the exchange rate of one US dollar is 124 rupees today, the family of the deceased will get around 2.5 million rupees. This amount will be paid by the insurance company for the insurance done by the airline for its passengers.

However, the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation is preparing a separate law to amend the amount, said Wuddhisagar Lamichhane, joint secretary at the ministry.
From the beginning of commercial flights in Nepal, the passenger insurance amount was 20,000 US dollars. In the 55 years since the beginning of commercial flights in Nepal, the insurance premium for accidents on domestic flights has not been able to increase from 20,000 US dollars. However, at present, the insurance for international flights is more than one lakh dollars per passenger, said Joint Secretary Lamichhane.

At present, according to the International Convention on Civil Aviation (Montreal Convention), the sum insured is more than 100,000 dollars, said Lamichhane.
According to the Warsaw Pact and the Hague Protocol, only US 20,000 was paid in the event of a passenger death due to an accident on a Nepal Airlines flight in 2018. With the signing of the Montreal Convention by Nepal, there are currently 13 million rupees worth of insurance for passengers travelling on international flights.

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